Guidelines for Submission

Monumenta Taiwanica is an annual journal published by the Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature of National Taiwan Normal University. Submissions of academic papers regarding Taiwan culture, languages, literature, history, communications, politics, and social change are all welcomed. The Journal especially looks forward to seeing cross-disciplinary papers of the aforementioned fields. With the rapid change of time and space in Taiwan, we hope to see problematics closer to issues themselves and exploration approaches more creative so that we can engage in academic dialogues and establish theories of Taiwan studies.

Monumenta Taiwanica is currently included in database such as Airiti Library, Taiwan Academic Online, Lawdata, HyRead Journal, and Taiwan Journals Search. It is circulated in over 200 college libraries and public libraries in Taiwan, and has been a regular collection for UCSB in the US, University of Alberta in Canada, Free University of Berlin & Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany, the Czech Academy of Science, and the National Library of China.


I. Paper Types Welcomed

1. Research Articles: Academic articles that have not been published in journals or other publications and websites at home or abroad. Word limit should be around 20,000 characters for Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese, and 10,000 words for English.

2. Theme Articles: Academic articles on special issues planned by the Editorial Committee. Regulations on word limit are the same as research articles.

3. Book Reviews: Reviews regarding recent publications of Taiwan culture, languages, literature, etc. Work limit should be 1,500-5,000 characters for Chinese.


II. Language and Format

1. Chinese, Taiwanese, English and Japanese manuscripts are all welcomed.

2. Please conduct the articles in ODF or WORD and in the form of horizontal writing.

3. Please follow the APA (American Psychological Association) style and other relevant regulations of this Journal.


III. Paper Submission

1. Submissions with the following files should be sent directly to taiwancenter@ntnu.edu.tw:

                   i.   Full text of the paper (including Chinese and English title, abstract, keywords; body, references, appendix, etc.) (No more than 15MB).

                  ii.  Authors' information (including name, institution, job title, mailing address, phone number, email address, authorization, etc.).

2.  Please indicate that submissions are for Monumenta Taiwanica. If no reply is received, please e-mail again to confirm.

3.  Once submissions are approved, The Journal will provide 2 copies of the current issue and 20 copies of offprints. No additional remuneration will be given.


IV. Deadline and Publication Date

1. The Journal is published annually every April. Submissions are welcomed at all times, but deadline for each issue would be June 30.

2. If too many papers are approved for the same issue or it happens to be a special issue for specific topics, the Journal reserves the right to postpone the publication to the following issue. Authors, however, can apply for publication certificate.

V. Review Process

1.      All Research Articles and Theme Articles shall first be reviewed by the Editorial Committee of this Journal. The Committee shall then invite two experts of relevant fields, three if necessary, for the second review. The Editorial Committee holds the final decision regarding which articles shall be approved. Book Reviews and Reports will only be reviewed by the Editorial Committee.

2.      In principle, articles entering the second review shall not be withdrawn unless special reasons occur. The editor and the executive editor shall determine whether or not to accept the withdrawal request. The Journal will no longer accept submissions of the same author who withdraws submissions for no special reasons or without consent.

3.      The Journal adopts double-blind peer review policy for Research Articles and Theme Articles. No identities of authors shall appear in manuscripts.


VI. Copyright and Academic Ethics

1.      The Journal does not accept papers already published in other academic journals or publications, nor does it accept multiple journal submissions or actions violating academic ethics, such as violating copyright. If the above-mentioned actions are found, the Journal will no longer accept papers of the same author.

2.      Agreeing to publication by all listed authors means granting non-exclusive authorization to the Journal for publishing the paper in digital or in paper form. It also grants the Journal the right to sub-authorize the papers to national libraries and other database to reproduce, archive, transfer publicly through the Internet, and to authorize users to download, print and view. In order to meet the requirements of hardcopies or database, the Journal has to right to make changes to the format of the manuscripts.

3.      The Journal reserves the right to publish the paper more than one time. Authors have the right to publish their collected works but the source should be indicated.


VII. Contact Information of the Editorial Committee

Address: No.162, Sec. 1, He-Ping East Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10610, TAIWAN

Monumenta Taiwanica Editorial Committee,

Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature,

National Taiwan Normal University

Phone: (+886 2) 7749-5524; 7749-5516

Fax: (+886 2) 3365-2549

E-mail: taiwancenter@ntnu.edu.tw

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