Shih, Shu-mei

Chair Professor
Prof., Comparative Literature, Asian Languages and Cultures, and Asian American Studies at UCLA
Education: Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Research Expertise: Sinophone Studies, Comparative Literature, Ethnic Discourse, World Literature, Post-Colonialism, Critical Theory, Feminism
E-mail: shumeishih@ntnu.edu.tw
Website: https://www.alc.ucla.edu/person/shu-mei-shih/

Full-Time Faculty

Khoo, Hui-lu / Hsu, Hui-ju

Professor and Chairman
Ph.D., Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University
Research Interests: Language Contact, Language Change, Sociolinguistics, Phonetics
Office Hour: (Mon) 12:10-14:10;(Tue) 08:00-09:00
TEL: +886 2 7749-1486
E-mail: hsuhj@ntnu.edu.tw

Lin, Fang-mei

Ph.D., Department of Social Science, University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests: Popular Literature, Gender Studies, Identity and Social Movement, Historical Writing in Taiwan Fiction
Office Hour: (Mon) 12:10-14:10;(Thur) 12:10-14:10
TEL: +886 2 7749-5520
E-mail: fmlin@ntnu.edu.tw

Lin, Shu-hui

Ph.D., Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University
Research Interests: Taiwan Classical Literature, Taiwan Modern Literature, Digital Humanities, Cultural Discourse
Office Hour: (Mon) 10:10-12:10;(Tue) 10:10-12:10
TEL: +886 2 7749-5522
E-mail: siokhui@ntnu.edu.tw
Website: http://iweb.ntnu.edu.tw/TCLL/personal

Chen, Long-ting

Ph.D., Department of Taiwanese Literature, National Cheng Kung University
Research Interests: Taiwan Literary History, Taiwan Traditional Drama, Taiwan Cultural Studies, Theory and Method of Field Work, Literary Theory and Criticism, Sociology of Arts
Office Hour:
TEL: +886 2 7749-5521
E-mail: longa@ntnu.edu.tw

Ann Heylen

Ph.D., Department of Oriental and Slavonic Studies, Catholic University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven)
Research Interests: Taiwan Cultural History, Studies on Taiwan Personal Documents, Studies on the Development of Taiwan Language, History of Eastern Asia, History of Europe
Office Hour: (Mon) 15:20-17:20;(Thur) 10:10-12:10
TEL: +886 2 7749-5523
E-mail: annheylen@ntnu.edu.tw

Lin, Nikky

Ph.D., Department of Taiwanese Literature, National Cheng Kung University
Research Interests: Modern Poetry in Taiwan, China and Japan, Modernism Literature, Comparative Literature, Taiwan Nativist Literature, Japanese Literature
Office Hour: (Wed) 13:10-15:10;(Thur) 15:20-17:20
TEL: +886 2 7749-1487
E-mail: nikkylin@ntnu.edu.tw
Website: http://www.nikkylin.com

Yin C. Chuang

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Department of Sociology, University of Lancaster
Research Interests: Political Consumerism, Rhetoric, Culture Studies, Nationalism and National Identity, Democratization and Consumer Society, Everyday Practice, Popular Culture and Fan Culture, Cultural Hegemony and Habitus
Office Hour: (Mon) 12:10-14:10;(Tue) 12:10-14:10
TEL: +886 2 7749-1488
E-mail: laalaapiano@ntnu.edu.tw
Website: http://www.xiaoying.idv.tw

Chen, Yu-jen

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University
Research Interests: Anthropology of Food, Taiwan Modern Food and Meal History, Media and Consumer Society
Office Hour: (Mon) 12:10-13:10;(Tue) 12:10-13:10;(Thur) 10:10-12:10
TEL: +886 2 7749-3079
E-mail: yjchen@ntnu.edu.tw

Tseng, Hsiu-ping

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Department of Chinese Literature, National Chengchi University
Research Interests: Taiwan Fiction, Queer Literature and Cinema, Gender Studies, Calligraphy
Office Hour: (Thur) 14:10-15:10;(Thur) 18:30-19:30;(Fri) 14:10-15:10;(Fri) 18:30-19:30
TEL: +886 2 7749-3080
E-mail: ocean2013@ntnu.edu.tw

Lau, Seng-hian

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
Research Interests: Syntax, Syntax–Pragmatics Interface, Semantics, Taiwanese Syntax
Office Hour: (Tue) 10:10-12:10;(Wed) 10:10-12:10
TEL: +886 2 7749-5519
E-mail: senghian@ntnu.edu.tw
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/lausenghian/home?authuser=0

Li, Bi-chhin

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Graduate School of Language and Society, Hitotsubashi University
Research Interests: The History of Esperanto Movement in Taiwan, Language and Script Reform Movement in East Asia, Stylistic Theory, Taiwanese Literature, Taiwanese Fiction
Office Hour: (Tue) 10:10-12:10;(Wed) 13:10-15:10
TEL: +886 2 7749-5989
E-mail: libichhin@ntnu.edu.tw

Ong, Kui-lan

Contract Instructor
Ph.D., Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University
Research Interests: Taiwanese, Field Work, Linguistic Landscape
Office Hour: (Mon) 12:10-14:10;(Wed) 12:10-13:10;(Thur) 12:10-13:10
TEL: +886 2 7749-1485
E-mail: ongkuilan@ntnu.edu.tw

Part-Time Faculty

Lai, Wen-ying

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Institute of Taiwanese Languages and Language Teaching, National Hsinchu University of Education
Research Interests: Phonetics and Syntax of Hakka, Chinese Dialect
E-mail: a_yinglai@ntnu.edu.tw

Liu, Ting-kang

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University
Research Interests: Taiwan Culture and Creative Industries, The Sociology of Consumption, Anime and Subculture, Cultural-Social Enterprise
E-mail: ptm106_10351@ntnu.edu.tw

Shih, Mu-Min

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Department of Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests: Literary Theory and Criticism, Gender Movement in Modern Taiwan
E-mail: muminshih@ntnu.edu.tw

Lu, Dong-shi

M.S., Department of New Media and Communication Administration, Ming Chuan University
Research Interests: Research on Taiwan Newspaper, Politics and Media Communication, News Covering and Writing, Media Literacy
E-mail: ptm109_12958@ntnu.edu.tw

Wang, Li-ru

M.A., Dept. of Taiwan Culture, Languages & Literature, National Taiwan Normal University
Research Interests: Taiwan Classical Literature, Popular Fiction Studies, Study of Newspapers and Magazines
E-mail: ptm103_8498@ntnu.edu.tw

Retired Faculty

Zhuang, Wan-shou

Ph.D., Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University
Research Interests: Taiwan Culture Studies
E-mail: tcll@ntnu.edu.tw

Yao, Rong-song

Ph.D., Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University
Research Interests: Linguistics, Chinese Phonology, Chinese Dialectology, Lexicology, Lexicology of Taiwan Southern Min, Characters of Taiwan Southern Min
E-mail: t21005@ntnu.edu.tw

Li, Khin-huann

Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Hawaiʻi
Research Interests: Sociolinguistics, Computer-aided Linguistic Analysis, Taiwanese Literature
E-mail: khinhoan@ntnu.edu.tw


Wu, Pei-chen

Administrative Assistant
TEL: +886 2 7749-5517
E-mail: peichen@ntnu.edu.tw
Responsibilities: student & academic affairs, curriculum, student recruitment, accounting, general affairs, meetings

Hsieh, Meng-chia

Senior Administrative Secretary
TEL: +886 2 7749-5524
E-mail: taiwancenter@ntnu.edu.tw
Responsibilities: ITSC, journal, activities, scholarship, internship, internationalization, personnel affairs, evaluation, library

Chin, Chia-yu

Student Adviser
TEL: +886 2 7749-3130
E-mail: ccy325@ntnu.edu.tw
Responsibilities: advising & counseling, student leave and emergency support, financial resources guidance, rental home visit

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